Amazing how difficult it is to create something that REALLY means something to you. 

And by “difficult” I mean “TERRIFYING.”

get thee behind me, etsy


Prague (Czech Republic) by Neal J.Wilson

but what ends when the symbols shatter?

The man who is not self-reliant is weak, hesitating and doubting in all he does. He fears to take a decisive step, because he dreads failure, because he is waiting for someone to advise him or because he dare not act in accordance with his own best judgment. In his cowardice and his conceit he sees all his non-success due to others. He is ‘not appreciated,’ ‘not recognized,’ he is ‘kept down.’ He feels that in some subtle way ‘society is conspiring against him.’ He grows almost vain as he thinks that no one has had such poverty, such sorrow, such affliction, such failure as have come to him.

The man who is self-reliant seeks ever to discover and conquer the weakness within him that keeps him from the attainment of what he holds dearest; he seeks within himself the power to battle against all outside influences. He realizes that all the greatest men in history, in every phase of human effort, have been those who have had to fight against the odds of sickness, suffering, sorrow. To him, defeat is no more than passing through a tunnel is to a traveller,―he knows he must emerge again into the sunlight.

— William George Jordan, The Majesty of Calmness (1898)

Vidkun Quisling

it’s a wonderful feeling to have something to study furiously for once again

Inge Morath, Winter landscape by the Caspian sea, Iran, 1956 

now that he got all fat and involved with insider trading type shit I guess my brother is approaching his final form of walking caricature of USA

hierarchical-aestheticism asked: Sinful! Dirty, Dirty pillows!

no shhhh Bob already periodically reminds me that i live in sin