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Bronze Head of King Sargon of Akkad, 2306 B.C

Tatiana, a resident in the village of Szack, Ukraine, and her horse


s✡rry my l✡rd, z✡g be with y✡u


Tin, wood and glass ‘Honesty Mirror’, made by Frances Macdonald, about 1896 2060 mm x 725 mm x 350 mm
This mirror, known as the ‘Honesty mirror’, was designed by Frances Macdonald (1873-1921) around 1896. The respoussé decoration of the frame, made of beaten tin, contains the motifs of human figures and stylized plant forms that characterised Frances Macdonald’s early work. The Honesty plant (Hunaria biennis) is the focal point of the frame’s subject. Two androgynous human figures flank the frame, their long flowing hair and robes merging into the plant forms themselves. In the upper part of this mirror the two figures hold steady and point to one central honesty seed-pod, framed against the circle of the sun. The image this frame contains is therefore considered to be an honest representation of the person it appears to visually echo. This link to honesty is perhaps a humorous reference to the adage that the mirror never lies.
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
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I love alt-right tumblr, it’s all “ooh germanic runes” “annihilate decadent modernity” “send an anonymous ask if you have a crush on me”


Anders Beer Wilse. Tre naust eller uthus ligger ved Strynsvatn eller Loenvatn omgitt av fjell, Sogn og Fjordane. Dias.
Norsk Teknisk Museum, DEXTRA Photo, DEX_W_00663.


i feel weird about “traditionalists” who are staunchly anti-islam. it’s really dumb seeing as one of the most renowned traditionalist philosophers, rené guénon, writer of the crisis of the modern world, not only is a muslim – albeit sufi – but also a sheikh who expatriated to egypt. like, are you actually a traditionalist or did you just want a fancy name for your white supremacist jackoff fantasies?

in spite of a muslim proponent (indeed, islam is quite compatible with/is already a form of ‘traditionalism’), an anti-islamic stance is still ‘traditional’ within a european context (La Chanson de Roland comes to mind). the jews were always the most immediate form of ‘the Other,’ the ‘threat from within’ so to speak, while the muslims were the heretics/pagans lurking beyond the borders, ‘the Other’ in terms of invading outsiders, external pressure. take proper context, history, and the ways groups have always sought to solidify/maintain their identities and compound that with the fact that the slimy refuse of the muslim world has been dripping into and pooling in europe and i’d say islam-critical traditionalist views can be as reasonable as ones that smoothly integrate islam. tl;dr- who doesn’t want to fucking vanquish the saracens?


The abandoned Bislingen mountain lodge in Norway stands empty on an icy mountainside, this abandoned ski lodge is being reclaimed by the frozen environment it was built to serve. Built 691m above sea level in 1967, the lodge has been left open to the frosty elements since it was left to ruin six years ago.




History is filled with women who wished and died wishing they could have met a good man to believe in them, love them, and be good fathers. It is the fact that feminism is ahistorical that women don’t see themselves as righting those broken hearts of the past. It is the fact that feminists are mostly from a privileged group of women who don’t have trouble meeting men that they think they have the right to make absurd demands on men to be exactly what they want.

Most dating is like that, preference over the female. They want to change the male and everyone is okay with it, but it would be bad if the male does it, as they try to control them. If they wanted to be someone they want to change them to, they should’ve gone with the person like that. The reason why some go alone is that they try to go with an illusion of a person that’s what they consider perfect. It is constantly told to men to stop searching for that, but is it told to women?

For the plain fact that people do vary and some naturally just have more in common, one should seek a relationship with a like personality. But that bears the risk of searching for someone who will perfectly match every desire an individual has. I think we are brought into each other’s lives to examine our roles for one another, and if it turns out that two see each other as potentially lifelong friends, then something more should be pursued.


I’d probably be content to never see anything tarot card or palm-reading related or “witchy” shit or astrology garbage ever again after my time spent on tumblr


You know, we have globalization and shit now, we don’t actually need to live in places that have seasons other than winter

Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to love.

— Taleb

Since you show such a total disregard for the Laws of Nature why not invent an ideology that denies the existence of gravity too. Then all of you can just jump off a cliff, and at least you will not trouble anyone else when you are smashed against the rocks below.

— Varg Vikernes


how will we survive the horrible future